Bembel With Care

BEMBEL-WITH-CARE is produced in the Odenwälder Kelterei Krämer, which has a long tradition since 1928

The apples used for apple cider mostly come from Odenwälder orchards. The special climate of the Odenwald and the associated apple varieties with balanced sugar and acid content make it possible to produce a unique cider. The cider is made according to old, traditional recipes from direct juice and without the use of concentrate, artificial flavors or sweeteners.

The result is a pure, vegan cider with high residual sweetness, which is also naturally gluten-free.

Stefan Krämer

cidery General manager


Award-winning sparkling cider, an unadulterated natural product made from apples grown in traditional Odenwald orchards. No added sweeteners, concentrates or other additives are used during production. This is the best possible combination for a unique sparkling cider, which receives its finishing touch during a bottle-conditioned secondary fermentation.

Semi-Dry Sparkling Apple Wine


Apfelwein in its purest form. Made from apples from traditional Odenwälder orchards. 100% apples, nothing more, nothing less. No additives, sweeteners or sugar. Sour, fruity and natural taste.

Dry Cider


The dryness of the Odenwald meets a sweet rascal. A tantalizing mix with a summery cherry flavor. For those who like it smooth!

Sweet Cherry Infused Cider


Odenwälder cider refined with golden quince for our most elegant combination. Without flavors or sweeteners. Fruity sweet and natural in the taste.

Sweet Quince Infused Cider

Apfelwein-PUR 5L

5 litre party keg of Apfelwein Pure with integrated tap. Pure Apfelwein with CO2. 100% Apfelwein for 100% party!

Dry Cider