Kelterei Nöll

Already in 1962, was it possible to buy self-made cider from the Nöll winery. At that time, father Karl Nöll and his son Gerhard (today’s managing director) modified the cooperage, which existed since 1876, into a cidery.

Tradition and innovation are not mutually exclusive, they condition each other. With a lot of dedication, care and consistent quality orientation Nöll is working on products that are as tasty as they are high quality.

Gerhard Nöll

Kelterei Nöll Managing Director

Karl Nöll

Kelterei Nöll Founder

Finest Sparkling Apple Wine

Sparkling, dry Apple wine, using the method of traditional bottle fermentation. The high quality in taste, harmony, flower and appearance is only possible through attention to detail and elaborate production.

Dry Sparkling Apple Wine

Finest Apple SECCO

The basis for our “Finest Apple Secco” provides a unique cuvée, which was created from different, extra mildly developed ciders. The high craftsmanship and long-standing tradition, are the secret of this elegant and powerful Apple Secco.

Semi-Dry Light Sparkling Apple Wine

Pfirsé Apple SECCO

Pfirsé, a perfect liaison between apple cider and red vineyard peach from the Calmont region. Our Pfirsé is refreshing, full-bodied fruity. It is characterized by the balance between fine acidity and subtle sweetness.

Semi-Sweet Light Sparkling Apple Wine