Meet The Apple Wine Masters

With dedication to bring you the best Apple Wine experience possible

how the apple gets into the bottle

A simple process lies behind the secret of Apple Wine — but only details lead to a superior quality!


Only the ripest apples are harvested to ensure full development of sugars and flavours, acids and tannins. They are hand-picked in our orchards and transferred directly to the cideries’ own processing facilities.


All apples are thoroughly washed, cleaned and sorted for processing. The grinder then produces pulp, which is eventually pressed to achieve the final product of 100% pure apple juice. The juice is then directly transferred into the fermentation tank.

fermentation & maturation

In the tanks, fermentation will transform the juice into apple wine over a period of 2-6 months. The process of testing parameters and flavour, racking at the right times, and sampling and blending define the final product!