After the founding of the “Obsthof am Steinberg” in 1965 by Albert and Waltraud Schneider, Andreas Schneider was born, who today is considered a cider pioneer.

The “Obsthof” understands their work as a work in nature for nature.  Apples and pears from the 16th to the 21st century are the basis for the Apple Wine. The quality of the vintage is created by constant mindfulness and attention on the orchard.

With each sip you make a valuable contribution to the preservation of the local orchards, which form the basis of Schneider’s cider-craft.

Andreas Schneider

Obsthof am steinberg Founder


Diebweg is a Cuvée made of on loess clay matured Cider apples. It’s name comes from the historical location. Slightly spicy, with a fruity freshness and refined with carbonation makes it the ideal summer drink.

Sweet Light-Sparkling Apple Wine


Made of hand collected apples of the historical variety Goldpar- mäne complemented with traditional “Weinbirnen”. Single- variety wine, full-bodied, rennet spicy and pear fruity. Best served with tangy courses and pungent cheese.

Sweet Still Apple Wine


Delicate apples from a 100 years old Orchard provided with refreshing acids and full-flavored matured tannins. It is Great-Grandpa’s favorite and best enjoyed with hearty entrees or well seasoned seafood.

Dry Still Apple Wine