Weidmann & groh

Generations have been producing cider at the Weidmann farm in Ockstadt. In 1986, Reiner Weidmann decided to set up a Cidery to cultivate and refine the local fruit.

When producing our ciders, quality comes first. It is important for us to process only clean and fully ripe fruits that are hand picked from our local orchards.

The goal is, with care and attention to detail, to refine the variety of aromas of nature in the final cider.

Norman Groh

cidery General manager

Rainer Weidmann

Weidamnn & Groh Founder


Fresh, fruity scent of grated apple, with a fine mousse and elegant residual sweetness. Fun to enjoy at celebrations and to share with friends.

Semi-Dry Light Sparkling Apple Wine

Cydonia Secco

Tangy apple quince pearl wine, fine-dry, delicately sparkling with elegant sweetness. An ideal companion to any festive occasion.

Semi-Sweet Light Sparkling Apple Wine