The Best State an apple can wish for

Premium selection of European Apple Wines, from pure NFC juice, hand picked — small batch production.

Premium Cider in China

"The Äppler Company offers the finest selection from all over Europe."

Experience Quality

Whether you’re looking for a festive sparkling apple wine for special occasions, a natural apple wine for food pairing or casual ciders — one thing you can be sure of is that you will enjoy hand-crafted jewels from Cider specialists.

Our Orchards

The orchards of our cideries are mostly privately owned and, even today, few still harvested by hand. Many of their orchard’s trees are 50 years and older, making them the perfect source for old apple varieties - rich with acids and tanning substances.

Zero Additives

All apple wines are produced without any additives. There is NO added flavor or color enhancers, concentrates, refining agents, or other harmful substances in our apple wines. The majority of our wines are already labeled with European or national BIO certification.

100% Juice

Every apple is pressed on site after the harvesting — yielding 100% NFC juice that directly enters a chilled fermentation. We insist on using no concentrate or diluted juice to preserve a vast palate of taste, from vanilla or tangy to even mocha flavours.

Apple Wine

Apple Wine, as a whole, is experiencing a renaissance in Europe. We want to enable our customers to enjoy the core of this re-discovery. Wine aromas depend solely on the quality of the fruit and go far beyond the spectrum of apples. They differ from grape wines and hold pleasant surprises!

Meet Our Cideries

All participating Members of the German Chamber in China will receive a free membership in our WeChat online shop which includes a 15% discount on all Premium Ciders in China.

Our promise

The cideries we work with have their own orchard and follow the apple from tree to bottle. Offering a selection of premium cider varieties, harvesting and pressing fresh & ripe apples, fermenting 100% NFC juice only — these are the standards and motivation of our cideries and the promise we give to our customers to make premium cider vailable in China.

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