the Äppler co.

The Äppler Company cider  is produced in our brewery in Beijing, China since 2019

ÄPPLER cider is hand-brewed in small batches using traditional German fermentation methods and is full of our love for cider. The selection of domestic apples creates a perfectly balanced cider that combines just the right amount of aroma and tannin-rich fruit.

The result is a pure, vegan cider with high residual sweetness, which is also naturally gluten-free.

Sascha Weckesser


Peng Zhang


ÄPPLER - Cherry Cider

The infusion of cherry juice gives this cider the perfect balance of sweet and sour. The aroma of red apple cider and cherries will please your senses at all times.

Semi-Sweet Cherry Infused Cider


Award-winning sparkling cider, an unadulterated natural product made from apples grown in traditional Odenwald orchards. No added sweeteners, concentrates or other additives are used during production. This is the best possible combination for a unique sparkling cider, which receives its finishing touch during a bottle-conditioned secondary fermentation.

Semi-Dry Sparkling Apple Wine