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Our story

The Äppler Co.

That’s us, two childhood friends from the heart of the apple wine state, Hessen in Germany, who grew up near the city of Frankfurt. 

By family tradition over the last decades we are producing, fermenting, tasting and enjoying a variety of apple wine. We treasure the authenticity of craft-made selections that often reflect the sincere dedication of the cider maker.

During our travels around Europe we discovered a bigger world of apple wine, now including Cider, Cidre and Sidra. We take pride in sampling every cider and visiting all cider makers personally before we offer our product to our customers.These rich, colorful and exciting wines are what we look to offer our customers in Asia.


How We Work

Sourcing & Sampling

How can we make sure our customers get the the exact quality and taste of the finest european apple wines? We take sourcing and sampling very seriously and will bring our customers only what fulfills our own standards. We, along with our family and friends, have tried over 100 bottles of different apple wine before reaching our selections. But don't only take our word for it, our cideries operates transparently and are open for visitors. Please come by and see for yourself!


All of our Apple Wines are imported from Europe! Through direct shipping and handling without the middleman we make sure only the freshest product arrives on our customer’s tables. We directly work with transportation companies specialized in the international transport of alcoholic beverages in order to ensure the quality of inside and outside of our wine.

September 2018

The Äppler Company - Cidery Check

What We Stand For

NFC vs Concentrate

Our Apple Wines are made of cold-pressed, hand-crafted NFC juice which directly enters fermentation after pressing. Most commercial Ciders and Apple Wines are produced from concentrate - where the juice is heated up to reduce most of the water, and, unfortunately, also a lot of flavour and other content that are beneficial for wine. The different source of “juice” used translates the taste and quality.

Juice content

Due to the use of concentrate in commercial Ciders, consumers find a very low concentration of actual fruit juice in the actual product. The concentrate will be stretched heavily with water and omitted taste is then created with artificial flavours. Our craft Ciders and Apple Wines contain "juice only" to give our customers the certainty of what they’re consuming when they drink our Apple Wines.

Small Batch Production

Control of the whole process from the apple tree to the bottle that is sold, is the advantage of Small Batch Production. Since our Apple Wines are Hand-Made, all production steps are comprehensible. It enables our cideries to be in their orchard when apples are harvested, take full charge of fermentation & maturation and oversee the bottles being filled and ready to enjoy.